The Choice: Do you regret it?


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“If not, then the pain you’ve felt was all worth it.”

I just finished watching it on that hard, black, and cold idiot box. I had to search for the part where in the lady broke the engagement with her fiance (because my lovely mother called me to get some wet clothes and get it dry. Very lovely. )

The Choice.

That was the title.

Let’s just say it wasn’t the best movie. (in my perspective of Β what is best)

But it was a great movie showing and defining what CHOICE is.

Salute to that.

I personally care for the word “choice”.A lot of us get sweaty whenever caught in a situation full of bulls. And an imaginary mediator becomes more aggressive and persistent on you in making the decision as you try to think harder. (I don’t know why I used the term mediator. Maybe because it has something to do with an argument between the options you have and the consequences it entail. Just hell you know. And a nonexistent peacemaker will do. At least. To make your decisions easier. Nahhh.)

I have great experiences about it. Making choices.

It taught me how to be a human. It showed me consequences. Or as to what the movie said.. the word “opportunity”.

It will take a million breath-taking leap to decide whether you wanna let go on something, or hold on it as much as you could.

Sometimes we just let the wind do the decision making. Or we just let it be. Because we’re lost. We are lost completely.

In nowhere? tss it just needs some time. And you’ll be able to determine the right choice. After all, it’s your life at stake.

Or maybe, you randomly chose and then after what you’ve just endure the pain. Believing that it will all go away after a century.

It will. Believe me it will. Somewhere after the long pain.

There’s these “that was fun and sad” moments.

But the question is ..

Do you regret it?

If you do, then start questioning yourself: Why did you do it?

If not, then the pain you’ve felt was all worth it. πŸ™‚Β 



A Simple Truth About Happiness: When everything feels right

Before I take my deprived rights on sleeping, I would like to kiss my tears away by spending some minutes on my page while I’m trying to convince you (whoever’s reading) that my post has something to do with your life.. and your feelings.. And your thoughts. Haha nyanya

I am pondering about how people find happiness in different ways. Some find it in shoes stored in cabinets with skeletons. Some find it in food like “Arrghh food is forever and I want to marry as many food as I want because I love to eat and it makes me fat”. Or people find it in books and coffee and cookies and music and beaches and cars and places..

Want some more?

Cosmetics and dogs and cats and alcohol and smoke and dresses and photographs and curtains and papers and stickers and spoons and movies..

Or maybe we could find happiness in family and friendship and work and love and tranquility and peace and time and trust and hope and faith..

And I could add some more and finish this post in year 3000 or even more.

Maybe because we always try to find happiness in everything.

But today somebody reminded me that happiness will never be a “find me” puzzle. Because happiness (I would say) happens not completely because it’s the right time nor person nor place nor situation.

But simply because IT FEELS RIGHT. And it takes tons of courage and guts to jump into that it-feels-right feeling.

(And when something goes wrong that’s the time we forget what happiness is.)

-TOO MUCH FOR TODAY. A very loooong start of the week. My happiness is sleep. πŸ™‚ ❀

A secret letter to Superman

“You were the air that I wanted to breathe. But I never heard that you wanted to fill those breaths.”

These thoughts keep on banging my inner brain cells since yesterday. A significant time few years ago, when I felt a very strange heart beat within my soul. (And the rest was history.) If that person, in God’s time, finds his way to read this particular writing.. Hey, you’re crossing my restless mind. I didn’t know. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for being so hard and a stubborn stone-heart ass. It was in my full intention to know you better. But my but’s and if’s pulled me. And I did realize, I missed out a very important thing in life..

To love yourself. To remind yourself that you are capable of loving and being loved.

I have forgotten that.

So I do remember you because once you have reminded me of those significant things. Thank you. ‘Til then, Superman.

-Meeee! Thank you po sa hair spa and everything else. ❀ Naalala 'kong tao ako. πŸ™‚ haha

QuoteMeal 002

“Give it to the universe.”

I wonder what makes other people sad. Is it heart break? Broken family? Shaken friendship? Washed off relationship? Wrecked car? Shattered house? Endless work? Unstable job? Crippled dreams? Health condition?

It’s too many. Too many that I would like to mention in a very special way the last but not the least, Money . *laughs* Money is the universal concern of everyone. It’s hypocritical to say that money can’t buy happiness. *And then insert the jet ski thing here. Haha Who doesn’t want that*

My mom would always say, “Money talks.” Then I could imagine my coins and bills having a conversation in my purse. That would really freak me out!

However, I want to believe that happiness doesn’t just rely on gold. I always remind myself that money could be everything. But you can’t let it to be YOUR everything. That’s why once in a while, I always check on things how I can tease people I love, chase food, drink like a fish, care for people I share my time with, and of course, how I can make things weirder *hmm.. Yaaa weirder* I value little things because these remind me that I have, or we have the right to be happy no matter how inevitable life opportunity is.

And I learned an incredible thing today..

That even if you’re so fucked up, and everythings’s a mess, life goes on and you have to breathe and leave no trace. Get drunk. Get crazy. Get wild. Get better. Do your thing and leave everything else to the universe.

-Thank you Mee. πŸ™‚ Ang sarap talaga ng kulay green na pastaaaa ❀

Untitled, just some random thoughts and this series

“It is when you finally let yourself fall from the sky of randomness without fear. You just fall and love. You live and then survive.”

Believe me or not, it took me over an hour to think of the title for this one. I think I failed. *laughs*

I’m still having my Stendhal syndrome caused by the series I have just watched and soaked myself with tears because it was one of the series I would watch even after a decade.

For a week, Descendants of the Sun was my snack box after I got home from work. It wasn’t a typical love triangle, turning into square, pentagon until it becomes a decagon. Nor a classical drama of being a rug to riches.

It’s more of a real life story colored with love, pain, sacrifices, tears, happiness, strength, promises, courage, dignity and trust. (If you have watched it, you would know.)

It has shown that life means nothing if we’re not dedicated, passionate and true to what we do. Whatever path we deal with, it takes a courageous heart and a strong will to protect what we love, whom we love..

It has shown how a person can be so bold—cross a war, outstand an earthquake.. but then our deepest fear is to lose the person who carries our heart. Maybe we’re not afraid of losing ourselves, but we’re scared to lose someone. And to see that person burst into tears just because we’re not there.

This series or this movie or whatever you call it, will get old. Maybe some people will not be able to watch it. I’m just glad that I have had a glance of such. Whoever thought of the story, it’s brilliant. Sooo brilliant.

It kinda taught me of something though

..that love really entails trust. And you’ll always learn it the hard way.

And.. It is when you finally let yourself fall from the sky of randomness without fear. You just fall and love. You live and then survive.

Libing ni Marcos na Nababalutan ng Hugot at Pag-ibig

Kasama sa balita kagabi ang pagpapalibing kay Marcos sa libingan ng mga bayani. At bigla ko na lang inihalintulad sa pag-ibig ang nasabing pangyayari. In short, naging crazy ako, tapos medyo naging bitter pero medyo nainspire ng konti na umabot hanggang tenga ko yung kilig. Haha kung bakit, eh ilibing na natin kasama ni dating Pangulong Ferdinand Marcos. :p

Pakiramdam ko, napapanahon na na maihimlay sa tamang lugar ang dating Pangulo. Hindi para ilatag na isa nga siyang bayani sa mata ng bawat isa, pero dahil minsan niyang ibinahagi ang sarili niya sa panunungkulan para sa Pinas. Hindi perpekto ang pamahalaang Marcos. Siguro hindi ko lubusang maiintindihan ang Martial Law na yan. Eh hangin pa lang naman ako nun.

Tama ka. May nasaktan. May nasugatan. May hugot. Malalim. Madiin. Kaya patuloy na may tututol. Patuloy na may mananariwa ng nakaraan. Patuloy na may ipipilit ipaglaban. Hanggang sa mapagod. Hanggang sa mauntog ang mga kaisipan.. Hanggang sa mapagod ang puso na maghanap ng mga kasagutan sa mga tanong ng nakaraan.. Na minsan kahit gaano kasakit ang iyong naramdaman, kailangan nating ibaon sa lupa ang nakalipas. At subukang tanggapin ang katotohanang.. May mga bagay na di mo na mababago kahit kailan. At may mga bagay na kailangan mong isara para bigyang pagkakataon ang mga pintong maaaring buksan. Para bukas makalawa, hindi mo na iisiping sinaktan ka lang at iniwan. Oras na para isipin mong, kaya mong ilibing ang mga bagay na minsang nagpabago ng ikot ng mundo mo. Pero kaya mo pa rin patakbuhin ‘to gamit ang manibela mo.

Hanggang sa matagpuan mong muli ang halimuyak ng pag-ibig. Hanggang sa muli mong mahalin ang iyong sarili.

Yan. Diyan lang magsisimula ang mga katagang


-kung hihimayin ba ang bawat buhay ng mga taong nakahimlay sa libingan ng mga bayani, ilan kaya sa kanila ang talagang masasabing bayani? :/