Happy Birthday To My Friend Who Makes My Life A Little Bit Louder!Β 


|Photo credits|K. P.|

|A good friend will celebrate her birthday tomorrow|She took this photo a month ago|

|If she will be able to read my page|I would like her to know how grateful I am to be part of her life|

|I may not be the friend who always roll for millennial stuff|

|I love old times|I tend to love things that will grow old|

|A friend whom you would remember even if you turn 80|

|I may not be as showy as others|tagging stuff|social media alerts|

|But I always try my best to attach some strings to people I care about |A string that will get old eventually|



|To Zela|

I will never forget when you handed me tons of sheets and I will always be grateful to know that someone like you, would actually see my efforts towards the people I care for.. to people I love.

Helping others is not easy for me. Because knowing people is not my skill. Knowing people is my fear. And I’m thankful because you have torn that fear and you let me become part of your life.

I always tell you that eyes never lie. And I’m sorry if I can’t help myself to speak about tears.. and pain.. But I know that you could get through all of it. You’ve shown enough courage. And you deserve Β pure happiness.

(Remember the day you had to leave that glass door?) I was really proud of myself that it didn’t brought me into tears. You wanna know why? Because in a short span of time, you’ve made me feel that you’ll never leave a shit out of me. That you’re ready to break walls, flaring your colored hair, just to see me because you’re my friend. And friends will never forget.

And yes it’s okay to cry. That maybe we can’t understand everything, but always remember that everything happens for a reason. That every single thing will fall in its own place. And everything will be fine.

Repay me nothing. Because I love what I do. And I would love to tease you more..to talk to you more often..to take more pictures of ourselves..to eat more..to start painting our plans.

I love hugs. Because hugs were meant for friendships.

You are vocal enough. And I could hear you from within. If you think I can’t hear you, kick the door, break some glasses, until I hear you. Until I see your eyes..then I will listen. Because I’ll never get tired to listen.

Simply because you are my friend. And no LOB could change that. Make sense? *hihi*

—–from your friend who has the same mental disorder as yours
P.S. I still love my tinapay with molds. But I love you more.


Happy Birthday To My Friend Who Makes My Life A Little Bit Louder!Β 


“Friend is someone to share the last cookie with.”



“thank you universe for sending a rainbow in my cloud”

Sometimes you will find a friend in the middle of nowhere. Most of the times, it happens at the very least moment of your life.

Maybe because it helps you to realize that friendship doesn’t work with big things. Big gifts. Big shits. Big lies.

But just a simple and ample connection. Just that.

It doesn’t speak time. Space. Age. Place. Nor race.

I have a few. Not that much I guess.

I’m a lil’ bit obsessed of being alone.

Introvert problems.

Naahh. haha

But my crazy friends are enough to make my life so loud.

Few. But loud.

Hey, thank you din. πŸ™‚ ❀

QuoteMeal 002

“Give it to the universe.”

I wonder what makes other people sad. Is it heart break? Broken family? Shaken friendship? Washed off relationship? Wrecked car? Shattered house? Endless work? Unstable job? Crippled dreams? Health condition?

It’s too many. Too many that I would like to mention in a very special way the last but not the least, Money . *laughs* Money is the universal concern of everyone. It’s hypocritical to say that money can’t buy happiness. *And then insert the jet ski thing here. Haha Who doesn’t want that*

My mom would always say, “Money talks.” Then I could imagine my coins and bills having a conversation in my purse. That would really freak me out!

However, I want to believe that happiness doesn’t just rely on gold. I always remind myself that money could be everything. But you can’t let it to be YOUR everything. That’s why once in a while, I always check on things how I can tease people I love, chase food, drink like a fish, care for people I share my time with, and of course, how I can make things weirder *hmm.. Yaaa weirder* I value little things because these remind me that I have, or we have the right to be happy no matter how inevitable life opportunity is.

And I learned an incredible thing today..

That even if you’re so fucked up, and everythings’s a mess, life goes on and you have to breathe and leave no trace. Get drunk. Get crazy. Get wild. Get better. Do your thing and leave everything else to the universe.

-Thank you Mee. πŸ™‚ Ang sarap talaga ng kulay green na pastaaaa ❀

A letter to Corazon

Dear Corazon,

(To whoever who’s reading this, she’s my aunt: a friend of mom)

I am situated in a jeepney, sitting and waiting for this four-wheel vehicle to arrive at my destination. While I was trying to send a message and to send a reply from yours, my tears just can’t help it but to burst. And all your hardships, efforts, care, love and support were like freaking thunders that kept on flashing my head. You’ve fulfilled and still fulfilling my dreams and plans.. Biologically speaking, you don’t even have a single strand of my complicated DNA. But there you are, you’re another mom who loves me like your own. If only I could look back and make a list of all the things I could say thank you for? I would. It’s just that my blog isn’t enough to have that list. And I need a lifetime to write it down. But I’ll take this very moment, to say thank you simply because you love me that much. And we both know why words are not enough to express what I meant when I said that. Just because. πŸ™‚

Thank you for giving me a life. I love you. :*

Your daughter,

Apple ❀

Shitm8 ..

For some reasons (and unknown reasons) .. you suddenly crossed my mind. And my memory palace that has always been an outerspace became a little jar of fireflies at night ..

-kung sino man ang pumili ng napuntahan kong team, gusto kong magpasalamat ng malaki. It feels like home. ❀

Ang init. Ang Sexy ng panahon. Ang Hot. Parang Goddess sa pagkahot. Ang sarap maligo ng yelo. As in literal. 😦