You’re My Second Wind




|Just because.|


|You’re my second wind.|And you’re in my thoughts.|

|Right there.|



|9.8 m/s2.|V|


A secret letter to Superman

“You were the air that I wanted to breathe. But I never heard that you wanted to fill those breaths.”

These thoughts keep on banging my inner brain cells since yesterday. A significant time few years ago, when I felt a very strange heart beat within my soul. (And the rest was history.) If that person, in God’s time, finds his way to read this particular writing.. Hey, you’re crossing my restless mind. I didn’t know. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for being so hard and a stubborn stone-heart ass. It was in my full intention to know you better. But my but’s and if’s pulled me. And I did realize, I missed out a very important thing in life..

To love yourself. To remind yourself that you are capable of loving and being loved.

I have forgotten that.

So I do remember you because once you have reminded me of those significant things. Thank you. ‘Til then, Superman.

-Meeee! Thank you po sa hair spa and everything else. ❤ Naalala 'kong tao ako. 🙂 haha

A restless soul

A restless soul ashore
Walks through the cold water
Thinks about where to anchor
Fondles her heart of mystic sore

And as she sees the ocean waves
Hastening her long kept laden love
For a mere mortal she had thought of
But restless soul, just so cluttered and disarrayed

-Just one more year.

No title, just me and another day

Sa pagpikit ng mga mata
Bumabakas ang iyong alaala
Kumikiskis ang iyong tinig sa aking tenga
Kasabay ng di mawaring pagluha
Hatid ng pusong minsang nangamba
Mga mata mong minsang cheverloo nyalalaaaa..

(Ano Ge, tuloy mo pa?)

Hahaha wag naaaa Saka nalang kapag may time. 😛

-Hi! Good morning! 🙂 Bakit ako pa lang ang gising. Ibig bang sabihing maaga ko nagising o late sila magising? :))

Maaaaaa, Pizzaaaa please? Behave lang ako. 🙂

Just a paper

I’m looking at this piece of paper
Thinking of what words to be engraved
Mantling the pieces, left and concealed
And hell to heaven—-
It’s taking me forever to fill out the lines
Paper, paper, you tell me..

(And every thing just went off and blank.)

-Silly feeling. Just so silly.

Phantom of an Unfinished Subtle Tune


Today, I decided to write an exultant piece

Like what I’ve written for the past few years

But now I don’t know what to put

Superman or the butterflies or the tears

And as the rain pours down

Creating a melancholic rhythm on the ground

There’s this persistent tune ensuing

I hear your sweet silly voice singing

And it keeps on whispering in my ear

Like a drug into my veins so sheer

Caressing every inch of my soul

Like a phantom to my deepest core

The truth is…

Funny isn’t it? That life has a very common pattern of happiness-sadness routine. How long does it take to lose pleasure or bliss? It takes just a second my dear.  At one snap, every single reason you have to be in full joy could vanish right away. For what reason? Just that. And like that. Ironically you can’t do something. You’re out of control. It just happens.

But why do good things leave us the way nobody would want to be left alone in nowhere? Or why would people we love and care about would even try to leave us behind? At my work, it’s a protocol to ask: What’s holding you back? But in real life, we can’t ask the same question. Because doing so is comprehending us making another mistake from throwing out that one. We feel so naïve on that part where we believed on what our hearts desire for. It’s just too painful… No, it isn’t painful at all. It’s more likely and better to be called raw feelings I guess?

(The truth is, I feel hurt. Because you asked me to stay, and I said yes, I will. But you’ve made me feel I stayed for no one.)

*hands up*