QuoteMeal 2

“A woman’s heart would always be vulnerable. “


Remember this.

Vulnerability is a human nature. It’s not a weakness. And it will never be.

Lucky for those who are strong enough not to show it.

It may be over reacting to others. But it won’t be the same to people who care.

To someone who care.

Someone who would understand.

Someone who would care enough not to hurt your feelings.

(I’m not saying constructive arguments are unnecessary. But honesty is way different tho.)


Know the difference.

You don’t have to explain yourself every time.

Because if somebody..

C. A. R. E. S. and R. E. S. P. E. C. T. S. how you feel..

You may not be even thinking that you are vulnerable.

However, it will never be a crime if you are.

Not because you’re-just-human. That’s cliché.

But. Maybe. Because. You. Are. Not. Just. Treated. The. Way. You. Should. Be. F*ckin*ly. Treated.

Sa tagalog.

“Kailanman hindi kahinaan ang masaktan.

Baka hindi lang talaga niya makita yung halaga ng nararamdaman mo.”


Oo. T*ngina!

Hello sa mga nasasaktan diyan, pero tinitiis kasi tanga sa pag-ibig. 💔 😊

(Pero okay lang kasi naalala mong wala ka palang jowa. Hahaha charotthhh 😭)

Odds of 2019

It’s no coincidence that if is in the middle of life..”

Cliché to say, but life would still be the best journey you could conquer, a lifetime experience you would cherish, and a long road you would take.

For the past few years, you could have woven your thoughts into a mat, where you can sleep at night on it. And until your last breath, it would continue to weave itself.

A couple of things I’ve learned this year. It may be nothing to some, but it’s worth a sleepless night.

I learned that Change would always be inevitable. It’s the only variable on earth that is constant. It would be as hard as hell to adapt and sustain your sanity. So you better be hard as a rock to roll and tumble.

But then Change is a good thing.

It will teach you how to say things better, how to do things better, or not to say or to do at all.

I also learned that not all people you cared for, will do the same for you. Not all will think about how you would feel nor what you would feel about it.

Too much to say, but I learned that even the people you love most would hurt you on two to three different angles. Not because that they don’t care, but they don’t know the fine line between vulnerability and too much of what I’ve just said.(Not to give stress on this part, but that was a bull.)

It was also a self-realization how selfish I was to what we call time. 2019 was a time of unraveling but a beginning of an end.

It taught me to get stronger.

To love more the people you live for. To endure pain for the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. To spend more time with your family, instead of work. Because life will never get younger but old.

To never stop dreaming. To never stop believing. That one day, everything will fall on its proper place. To remember joy and laughter. To forget people who are not worthy of your time.

But not to forget pain.


Because that very pain you have endured will remind you on how you’ve gotten better as a person. To forgive yourself from hatred.

To pray for abundance and a peaceful mind.



Bring it on.

I may not be prepared for your in between if’s.

But I know better now that having the people you truly care for, can beat the odds and your mysteries.

Kapit lang Ge.

Isa isa lang.

Pero kaya yan.


No title, Just You and I



“Not that big. But it hurts a lot. Not that much. But a lot.

But I’m so grateful that I have you.”






Everything was cluttered and my 24/7 was a robotic routine. Then I woke up one morning having a conversation with someone whom I would love for the next days of my crazy life.

I would be honest. I am enjoying what we have. It’s not that perfect, not every inch of it is a happy conversation; we’re starting to have arguments, and I don’t like what I feel, what I have felt, and to think of what I would feel.. But I like the idea of having arguments and silly conversations. It feels like growth.

Well in fact, yesterday, was one of those days.

I started to overthink.



Thinking that I might be a little bit too much (that I don’t talk too much). That if I do, I might over say it, and hurt both of us.

 We have a lot of differences. I agree.


The Introvert meets The Extrovert.




I know and I was expecting little clashes and thunderstorms with our relationship because of those differences. I was surprised tho. That you were more aggressive on asking questions  how we could work things out. And I appreciate that. It’s like telling me you love me more than how I behave towards silly stuff.

Silly stuff. When I start to create a trivial argument about you and your friends. Haha classic. I ran it like it’s a joke but yeah, I’m human. I get jealous too. I know you love and care for your friends, but you just have to love and care for me more. Or when those multi-colored hair characters start to dance on your screen and you seem to forget that I exist. Silly, but true. And I just thought, maybe it was just me.

But it hurts a lot when you seem not to listen and hear me talk about how rough my day was.. that I left my spoon and fork at home, that I’m having a hard time dealing with my fats, that I’m starting toasdfghjkl……………

Not that big. But it hurts a lot.

Not that much. But a lot.   

And I’m sorry for being childish. I feel like a 26-year old kid. (haha)

Regardless of my silly thoughts, I am so grateful that I have you. 






It’s almost a year since we started to count stars at night. Listen to raindrops and growling thunderstorms. We earned another year on our age. We celebrated the day of the fat guy in red who flies at night, and here we are. Another months to spend.

I hope by this time, I am more carefree. Carefree enough to tell you how I really feel.

So I could tell you what I like and what I don’t. So I could tell you how I feel. And how important you are to me. That sometimes, a simple hug could actually make me feel better. That a simple pat on my head could take away the bad mood I have on a certain day. That you are my fluffy bear and nothing would ever change that.



That you are my cookies, my coffee and my tea..


That I love you more than you know.


And I will love you, and wouldn’t stop until the moon say so.


It’s a  rainy 7:47 in the morning of August 13, 2018.

Yeah, this was supposed to be future dated (next year). But I realized that if you want to say something, you have to do it now because tomorrow is never a promise. But we are all hopeful that it will be kept. 


And I’m looking forward for another year.. and another year, and another year after that…until the sun becomes a white dwarf star. ❤ 


-Dapat hindi na kasali ‘tong picture na ‘to. Haha Pero gustong gusto ko talaga isali. Haha 😛  ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂 peace! 



Edited|With a HeART|

I love you. 


Sobra. 🙂




Superman101: My Secret Escape (Para sa may puso at soul.)


Image Source: iamgeniousdeviantart

Paunang Paalala: Ang tulang ito ay para sa mga may puso at kaluluwa. 🙂

Ito ang una kong entry para sa Superman101 haha chos.

Soon I’ll have my HarshZone101 too! Summer feeds. :))

My Secret Escape


I like it when the sunshine touches my face

For I know I’ll catch another day to have my secret escape

I like it when then the wind breathes on my ear

Saying, “You’re beautiful, I want you to stay here  (with me).”

Voilà! I see you My Secret Escape, in a silhouette pane

Then my heart beats like a little drum in vain

I see you My Secret Escape, glancing my way

I like it when you say my name

It’s the sweetest whisper; it drives me insane

I like everything: your laugh, your glare; thoughts of you

It’s like the most engaging melody, out of the blue

(Yeah…Your fragrance too.)

My Secret Escape—-

Is it possible to miss the things that we never had?

I want to know, please tell me!

…’cause I think I’m falling…

I want you to catch me.