The Choice: Do you regret it?


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“If not, then the pain you’ve felt was all worth it.”

I just finished watching it on that hard, black, and cold idiot box. I had to search for the part where in the lady broke the engagement with her fiance (because my lovely mother called me to get some wet clothes and get it dry. Very lovely. )

The Choice.

That was the title.

Let’s just say it wasn’t the best movie. (in my perspective of  what is best)

But it was a great movie showing and defining what CHOICE is.

Salute to that.

I personally care for the word “choice”.A lot of us get sweaty whenever caught in a situation full of bulls. And an imaginary mediator becomes more aggressive and persistent on you in making the decision as you try to think harder. (I don’t know why I used the term mediator. Maybe because it has something to do with an argument between the options you have and the consequences it entail. Just hell you know. And a nonexistent peacemaker will do. At least. To make your decisions easier. Nahhh.)

I have great experiences about it. Making choices.

It taught me how to be a human. It showed me consequences. Or as to what the movie said.. the word “opportunity”.

It will take a million breath-taking leap to decide whether you wanna let go on something, or hold on it as much as you could.

Sometimes we just let the wind do the decision making. Or we just let it be. Because we’re lost. We are lost completely.

In nowhere? tss it just needs some time. And you’ll be able to determine the right choice. After all, it’s your life at stake.

Or maybe, you randomly chose and then after what you’ve just endure the pain. Believing that it will all go away after a century.

It will. Believe me it will. Somewhere after the long pain.

There’s these “that was fun and sad” moments.

But the question is ..

Do you regret it?

If you do, then start questioning yourself: Why did you do it?

If not, then the pain you’ve felt was all worth it. 🙂 




Oh please, Do Me A Favor :)




Count a “friend” poppin’in. Enjoy the hunt! 🙂

Love your friend even if he* or she* hasn’t brushed  his* or her* teeth yet, talk to him* or her. Even if she hasn’t called you, give her a call. Even if she’s too busy, find time to hug her. Love your friend without hesitations; 101% of trust. Believe her reasons. If she lies, take that 1%. Use it to smack her face with truth. Then listen. And then put it back to make up the 101% again. Love your friend like a sibling, wash her feet if she can’t. When she’s sick, be there. No words, just be there. Love your friend like you’re her Mama. Care for her when she’s weak and doesn’t know what to do next. Love your friend like you’re her old man. Protect her from further pain..vulnerability. Love your friend with patience..understanding..RESPECT. Not by misjudgment or prejudice. You love your friend, but you throw things behind her ass? Fuck you! You’re not her friend. You’re nothing but a suckedupdickbitch friend.

DO YOURSELF A FAVOR. Love your friend simply because he or she has a heart and a soul.








Answer: 13 🙂