I miss you every day.

I miss you (not just when I’m alone) but even at times when I laugh. I miss you when I’m in tears at night, when my thoughts collide. I miss you (but I’m not sad).. because I know you’re just there.. watching, and listening 🌻

🐻 🐼

9.8m/s2 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭


Helianthus: 9.81 m/s2

“You’re my answers to my shooting stars…”



|You’re my unknown across the dawn|

|And a lingering scent through the wind |

|Then you’ve become my everyday|

|Like a warm sunshine, who touches my face|

|Your voice is an Ivy that whispers|

|Such an undying song I would remember|

|Then you’ve become my fortress and my Luna at night|

|Such a scribbled thought I tried to define|

|You might have been my unknown from afar|

|But I’m sure you‘re the answers to my shooting stars|



|9.81 m/s2|V|