Part I: Prologue


|Life is beautiful|I always say|

|But never inevitable|


|Simply because|tomorrow is always a mystery|

|Until it happens|

|And that’s what makes it more beautiful|

|I am a survivor|of Vascular Aneurysm|Got it from my grandparents|

|As I write these letters|I am changing every word that I wrote three years ago on my page|

|Dramatic|Idealistic|Thoughts of a young|

|It was year 2000|when I was hospitalized|

|There was only pain|


|Throbbing|Radiating|It was a pure pain|

|I sponged my time lying on bed|tolerating every substance|



|But looking at it|from where I am now|


|Nothing compares to the pain|I have caused|

|The pain I have caused my Mom|

|She’s my guardian angel|

|I have written every detail of what I felt then|

|But today|I want people to read on the good things I saw while I was on that cold white metal bed|

|I met Eugene|the little boy who has hydro|And his brother|

|I forgot his name|

|But I’ll never forget the day he walked the isle|

|It’s just sad to remember|Eugene did not had the chance to see what I’ve seen that day|

|And his mother’s tears|

|I met this little girl|who looked like my cousin|

|Afraid of the rounding nurse|and the sting of an injection|

|She’s so funny|And naughty little kid|

|But her sweet smile|it brought us joy|

|And I had my nurse then|

|Who was so kind and gentle|He’s caring too|

|If I see him today|and he’s single|I’m gonna marry him|

|Just kidding|haha|

|Whereever you are|Francis|

|I want you to know|I am living today|Strong and healthy|

|And you were part of it|

|Thank you|

|And I did survive|That chaos|

|That agony|That pain|

|It took me months to walk again|

|To sit|To eat|To bathe|To play|

|And there|I found out that everything needs time|

|A time to heal|

|Get yourself together|And put every piece into its proper places|

|I went back to Bicol|after a year of medication|

|Well I still do|


|I thought everything will be running smoothly|

|I was wrong|

|I learned then that life keeps on changing|


|That change is the only thing that never changes|

|And will never be|


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