The Please-Do-Not-Read


|Life is beautiful|I always say|

|But never inevitable|


|Simply because|tomorrow is always a mystery|

|Until it happens|

|And that’s what makes it more beautiful|

|I am a survivor|of Vascular Aneurysm|




|And as you read this, it’s the second time I have rewritten my page|


|For a change|


|I won’t tell you what I’ve felt then|

|Nor tell you the story when I was admitted at the Old House with Paintings|

|But rather to tell you how important it is to live your life to the fullest|

|To love yourself greater than anything else|

|To protect your family |more than how you secure your social media accounts or emails|

|To treasure friendship more| each day|

|To love what you do |To prosper on what you do|

|To chase for your dreams |

|To see more of what’s beyond our naked eyes|

|To listen more to the unheard|

 |To learn from your mistakes |Oh cliché|

|To let your tears |flow like an undying rain|

|Because it’s okay|

|It’s okay to be hurt |to be in pain|

|But you know you would always embrace |downfall|

|change |agony |and fears|

|Not because you don’t have a choice|

|But because you know |there’s more on what change could bring|



|So let it CHANGE you|



|Let it define the infinity in you|

|And fill those changes with grace |love |and inner peace|



|Thank you for reading|

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