You’re My Second Wind




|Just because.|


|You’re my second wind.|And you’re in my thoughts.|

|Right there.|



|9.8 m/s2.|V|


My thoughts are just there, black and white…nothing more, nothing less


My friend asked..”looking for who, in particular?”

And I just answered, “Someone who could change my thoughts.”

Someone who could change my beliefs. Someone who could change the way I think. Someone who could definitely make me feel, everything’s going to be okay, and nothing to worry about.

Matagal pa. Wala pa si Superman.

-Nasunog ko na naman ang kusina. Hopeless. </3 haha nanayt! 🙂

Phantom of an Unfinished Subtle Tune


Today, I decided to write an exultant piece

Like what I’ve written for the past few years

But now I don’t know what to put

Superman or the butterflies or the tears

And as the rain pours down

Creating a melancholic rhythm on the ground

There’s this persistent tune ensuing

I hear your sweet silly voice singing

And it keeps on whispering in my ear

Like a drug into my veins so sheer

Caressing every inch of my soul

Like a phantom to my deepest core