Salt. And Tequila.

“When life gives you lemons, add salt and tequila.”


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|Photo Credit|K.P.|


They said when life throws you lemons, turn it into a grape juice and let the world think how you did it.. BUT that is a very long process my friend. And while you are into that process, might as well add some salt and tequila for the meantime so you won’t miss the fun.

I was a little doomed and restless for the past few weeks. I couldn’t sleep much. (But I still eat a lot kahit kunware nagdidiet. Haha) I couldn’t even think straight at work, I even lose a grip of a whole lot journey (but at the back of my head, I’m thinking it was the right decision at that point. **in many ways** ..learning things and how complicated our mediocre but meticulous brain works that it could really kill people. Believe me that was a lot. Apologies to people who have given their genuine trust and heart-felt effort. However, I want to thank each soul who were my constant variable at one of my scribbled situations. Maraming Salamat po.)

And that I ignored the fact that I was losing my grip because I chosed to. I have forgotten that there are people who are kind enough to listen to my sentiments and who could value relationship, time and presence. It was my fault. That I ended screwing my space.

Then, here comes His little wave of magic: He sent the right people, at the right time. People who would be your salt and tequila. And again, Thank you.

Thank you for reminding me how to value oneself to appreciate time to laugh  (so hard that you could have grown some muscles on your cheeks) to get back on track to chase for such forgotten dreams.


P.S. It’s still my dream to take Cookie Monster on a cookie date. 🙂

And I’m on my way.



There’s a lot to say thank you for


There’s a lot  to say thank you for.. Knowing that sunlight radiantly spreads its light in the morning, telling me.. Hey, another day to make yourself human. 😇🏡👌👣

Superman101: My Unfinished Melody

You are my unfinished melody
I can’t think about the next beat
And I’m trying to sketch your mysterious lips
Hoping to read the words on it

Yes, that beat
That certain heart beat
Superman, it drives me crazy

You make my heart ill
What am I supposed to do?
That’s what I really feel

You are my unfinished melody
What am I supposed to do?
When are we gonna add some letters
To a melody like, I- love-you

The Warrior, The Keeper


That certain beast in you..within you. Use it to fire up your soul and to extend yourself to others. If someone can’t protect himself or herself,  be that warrior for him or her at least today…so he or she could be braver tomorrow, and be someone’s keeper the next day.