“Friend is someone to share the last cookie with.”



“thank you universe for sending a rainbow in my cloud”

Sometimes you will find a friend in the middle of nowhere. Most of the times, it happens at the very least moment of your life.

Maybe because it helps you to realize that friendship doesn’t work with big things. Big gifts. Big shits. Big lies.

But just a simple and ample connection. Just that.

It doesn’t speak time. Space. Age. Place. Nor race.

I have a few. Not that much I guess.

I’m a lil’ bit obsessed of being alone.

Introvert problems.

Naahh. haha

But my crazy friends are enough to make my life so loud.

Few. But loud.

Hey, thank you din. 🙂 ❤

A Simple Truth About Happiness: When everything feels right

Before I take my deprived rights on sleeping, I would like to kiss my tears away by spending some minutes on my page while I’m trying to convince you (whoever’s reading) that my post has something to do with your life.. and your feelings.. And your thoughts. Haha nyanya

I am pondering about how people find happiness in different ways. Some find it in shoes stored in cabinets with skeletons. Some find it in food like “Arrghh food is forever and I want to marry as many food as I want because I love to eat and it makes me fat”. Or people find it in books and coffee and cookies and music and beaches and cars and places..

Want some more?

Cosmetics and dogs and cats and alcohol and smoke and dresses and photographs and curtains and papers and stickers and spoons and movies..

Or maybe we could find happiness in family and friendship and work and love and tranquility and peace and time and trust and hope and faith..

And I could add some more and finish this post in year 3000 or even more.

Maybe because we always try to find happiness in everything.

But today somebody reminded me that happiness will never be a “find me” puzzle. Because happiness (I would say) happens not completely because it’s the right time nor person nor place nor situation.

But simply because IT FEELS RIGHT. And it takes tons of courage and guts to jump into that it-feels-right feeling.

(And when something goes wrong that’s the time we forget what happiness is.)

-TOO MUCH FOR TODAY. A very loooong start of the week. My happiness is sleep. 🙂 ❤

2017: Chasing Happiness

“Because it’s not just everybody deserves to be happy, but everyone has a chance to grab happiness and chose to have it.”


A year full of chances and opportunities. It brought me lessons I would bring through the succeeding years. It taught me a lot of things. Things that are more important than what our naked eyes could see. It even took me to places with little essence of paradise. And most importantly, it has given me a chance to make things right and straighten crooked lines from 2015.

I learned that your best friend could forget your birthday, but it doesn’t matter anymore after a 13 second sad momentum because you love her more than what odds could bring. I learned that not all would stay the same. It’s not that you aren’t aware of the phenomenal changes on earth, but you always chose to believe it has to be like this because it was fucking like this before. But no, you don’t need changes-acceptance. You had that. What you need is a little sprinkle of reality that “change” is a status quo. However, it only works through your mind, but not to your heart. Because what you feel would fade, but nah-uh..it wouldn’t change. (Like, you loved Chuckie drink, it fades but you’ll never forget the feeling every time you take a chocolatey sip.) 2016 brought me a piece of opportunity to “fix myself” though. You could start with my job, new acquaintances, friendship, and you could include love. Oh, that freaking feeling.

Nevertheless, 2016 taught me that love is and will never be adjacent to fate. You feel it, but it was never crafted across your lead. You have to explore it, you have to fight for it, you have to chose it and most of all you have to let him/her know that you’re willing to do what you have just read. *laughs* sort of like that. Am I going to do it? I don’t know yet. 2017 knows.

Friendship. Chances. Fate. Love. What else did I learn?

Oh, yah. One more thing.

I learned that not wearing a watch makes you more human. Haha believe me or not you have to believe me. Time flies baby. And you’ll never know what you’re missing within 3 seconds every time you look at your watch, every time you feel the pressure of time. Breathe. Think. And then breathe again.

Time is a man-made grid. Not bad to forget it some time.

Lastly, I want to take this as an opportunity to tell you (whoever’s reading) that life could be miserable, sad and arrogant most of the time.. but have the right to chose happiness. Because it’s not just everybody deserves to be happy, but everyone has a chance to grab and chose to have it.

Say thank you to last year, and say hi to 2017. A year full of chances. Full of choices. *** Well, it’s always been, pal! 🙂 ***

To my Girlfriend

To my Girlfriend

And before your thoughts intertwined because of the “girlfriend”. It’s not what you think. The last time I checked.. I loved Superman. *haha*

She’s one of those girlfriends you would call if you failed in Algebra or Chemistry class, someone you would eat cookies and chocolates with.

It’s been years since we had this little chitchat over fries and soda and patties and stuff. She changed a lot. But one thing I would like to share about this gal, although she changed a lot? She has never forgotten to be a friend. She would always allot a piece of her time whenever she got the chance. Minsan napapaisip ako, buti naisisiksik niya pa ko sa oras niya. Knowing how difficult it is to finish degree. Like, maybe I did something good to this person. Maybe I am a good friend. Salamat.

Thank you for the 9 years (and still counting) of craziness and love.  ❤

Til then Girlfriend. 🙂 

Fate is a myth

I have a friend whom I consider a very good listener. And a very wise person. We usually talk about life and stuff. We even touch each of our heart’s stories. We come to a point that our argument is about fate.

Is fate real?

Then I came to realize that there’s no such thing as fate.

My friend seemed to have just met a long lost friend. The man said, “I thought you’ve never wanted to go out with me.” And my friend answered..

“You could have known, if you’ve just asked.”

But he never did.

And I laughed.

Fate is a myth. It works with choices, decisions and will. Nonetheless, fate is an art of life. Carved by joy and tears. Painted with love and pain.

Shitm8 ..

For some reasons (and unknown reasons) .. you suddenly crossed my mind. And my memory palace that has always been an outerspace became a little jar of fireflies at night ..

-kung sino man ang pumili ng napuntahan kong team, gusto kong magpasalamat ng malaki. It feels like home. ❤

Ang init. Ang Sexy ng panahon. Ang Hot. Parang Goddess sa pagkahot. Ang sarap maligo ng yelo. As in literal. 😦

WWE: My Mom and Hulk Hogan

“Because you’ll never know what’s really in there, if you’re not in their position..”

Big fan ang Nanay kong kulot ng wrestling. At habang tinatype ko ‘to naririnig ko ang kalabog na tunog ng ring na nanggagaling sa tv naming wala ng color green.

Big fan. But not so Super fan naman. Na ultimo plato at kubyertos may naka-engrave na letrang W. Sakto lang. Saktong paghanga lang sa larangan ng wrestling. At ang paborito niyang wrestler ay si Hulk Hogan.

High school ako nung nahumaling ako sa mga naglalakihang mga katawan ng mga mala-superhero na datingan ng mga wrestler. Si Batista at Undertaker ang mga paborito ko. Gusto ko rin ang special events ng Hardy brothers, Mysterio, John Cena, Triple H, Big Joe, at iba pa. Tapos biglang darating yung nakakainis na mga kontrabida. Pero sa huli, talo. Hahaha Okay din ang mga wrestler na babae. The Divas. Medyo hindi lang talaga ko fan ng body builders. Pero ang sexy pa rin nila. At sa ngayon gandang ganda ako kay Ms. Becky. Tapos ang galing pa ng stunts! That woman rocks! 😀

At ayon na nga, going back sa Nanay kong may malaking nunal sa pisngi, bonding namin ang manuod ng WWE Wrestlemania. Nung bata pa sya, dumadayo pa sila ng lola kong maliit pero maganda sa Manila para lang bumili ng vhs ng episodes ng wrestling na maiuuwi sa Bicol. Mahilig din kasi ang lola ko sa wrestling. Ewan ko. Pasapasa. Haha

At palaisipan sa Nanay ko kung totally scripted ang lahat ng napapanood niya. At sabi ko, Oo. Srcipted lahat yan. Pero sabi niya, “You’ll never know what’s really in there, if you’re not in their position.”

Pero tinagalog niya lang naman. I-nenglish ko lang para may mailagay na quote sa unahan ng post ko. At saka para medyo sosyal daw. Haha

-GRABE pagdating ko, hilamos tapos BLAGGG! Higa kaagad. Pero isa ‘to sa mga araw na di ko makakalimutan. Hindi lang sa mas marami akong natutunan, pero mas naintindihan ko ang salitang kaibigan. 🙂

At para nga pala sa magiting naming valedictorian! Cheers! 🙂 Hindi man tayo nagkaroon ng super deep na parang sink hole na connection, mabigat sa pakiramdam na lilisanin mo ang grupo. </3 pero people need to soar. Need to explore sabi nga ng isang kaibigan.

At tulad ng sabi ko sayo, Goodluck at ingatan mo sarili mo. 🙂

(Asan si Hulk Hogan?)

Wala. Parang ang star niya na tinanggal sa hall of fame. </3 Nalungkot talaga kami ni Mama. 😦