Salt. And Tequila.

“When life gives you lemons, add salt and tequila.”


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They said when life throws you lemons, turn it into a grape juice and let the world think how you did it.. BUT that is a very long process my friend. And while you are into that process, might as well add some salt and tequila for the meantime so you won’t miss the fun.

I was a little doomed and restless for the past few weeks. I couldn’t sleep much. (But I still eat a lot kahit kunware nagdidiet. Haha) I couldn’t even think straight at work, I even lose a grip of a whole lot journey (but at the back of my head, I’m thinking it was the right decision at that point. **in many ways** ..learning things and how complicated our mediocre but meticulous brain works that it could really kill people. Believe me that was a lot. Apologies to people who have given their genuine trust and heart-felt effort. However, I want to thank each soul who were my constant variable at one of my scribbled situations. Maraming Salamat po.)

And that I ignored the fact that I was losing my grip because I chosed to. I have forgotten that there are people who are kind enough to listen to my sentiments and who could value relationship, time and presence. It was my fault. That I ended screwing my space.

Then, here comes His little wave of magic: He sent the right people, at the right time. People who would be your salt and tequila. And again, Thank you.

Thank you for reminding me how to value oneself to appreciate time to laugh  (so hard that you could have grown some muscles on your cheeks) to get back on track to chase for such forgotten dreams.


P.S. It’s still my dream to take Cookie Monster on a cookie date. 🙂

And I’m on my way.




“I want to be someone’s memory rather than a daily routine.”


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Before I eat another cookie, I would like to say thank you to all the gods and deities who made this week a little extraordinary than my daily routine. Reminding me that I have a 24-hour right to breathe and to forget about all the turmoils. And it made me think somehow. It made me think of good things.

Somebody asked me, what’s your wish on your special day? I answered:

World peace.

Maybe it humored him a bit and asked again, what’s your wish? For yourself. And I answered:

Inner peace.


I wish for everyone’s peace of mind. Because that will help them to regain health.

I wish for my inner peace so I can extend myself more to others.

Few months ago, I spoke to one of my colleagues (she’s a good friend too) in the balcony where I usually drench myself at lunch. She said looking at the skyline, she wanted to make a dent and to create a change. It’s a great thought, I’d say. And I told her to pursue her dreams. She’s continuing her studies now and I hope for all the blessings and odds to be on her side. She’s a good kid.

And it made me think…

I also want to make a dent. But not that big. Nor to create a change in large scale.

My lifetime will never be enough:


But a simple dent to someone’s heart.

A dent that couldn’t change everything but could remind that person from time to time that it’s okay.

That it’s okay to eat pizza with a lot of pepper. That it’s okay to drink Chuckie even if you turn 80. That it’s okay to cry in public. That it’s okay to be hurt. (Because sooner or later it will be okay.) That it’s okay to get nightmares. That it’s okay to get tired. (Simply because we’re human.) That it’s okay to get crazy in love. It’s okay to commit mistakes. (As long as you treat it as a friendly reminder the next day.) That it’s okay to be in pain. (It strengthens your soul.)

It’s okay. It’s okay because that’s how life works.

(And I just used the word “okay” thirteen times. Haha)

I want to be someone’s memory rather than a daily routine.


Thank you for all the greetings! God bless you all. 🙂


**And why Vagabond? Wala lang. Gusto ko lang yung word. Haha It describes exactly my thoughts. Blog ko naman ‘to kaya walang pakialamanan sa titulo.

A man without dreams

A man without dreams doesn’t dream at all. He just sleeps, faces the dawn, soils his body and when sunset comes, he closes his eyes again.

A man without dreams doesn’t think. Because if he does, there will be a chain of consequences, results, hardships and most of all changes. A man without dreams doesn’t change. And he doesn’t think. Where the fuck are your brain cells?

A man without dreams hurt people. Why? Because he’s selfish. He doesn’t allow people to have chances. To grow. To love. To think. To change. To dream. He doesn’t even know how to give himself a chance to do all things. He just lives.

A man without dreams lives alone. He’s a lonely man.

A man without dreams is a chaos. Because he spreads nothing.

But how does a man without dreams, dream nothing?

Maybe because he doesn’t want to dream at all? Nor he wants to chase any opportunity. Nor he lives with idealism. He just lives. And when fate comes, he simply goes back to dust. And the wind blows him away.

And I hope nobody inhales him.

Or maybe, he doesn’t dream at all because his dreams failed him. And it took his time away.

So maybe he’s not a man without dreams.

He is a man who lost his dreams.

-a very sad thought.

Making a Speech: The Fear of Dreaming


Good afternoon everyone! (blahblahblah greetings to the Professor, to the panel and to the audience. And then flash the image.) The image…is it one of your fears? That horrifying deep wrinkled face? Look at her. Do you think she’s happy? Are you happy with her face? Of course not…I can’t even imagine to see myself like that.

Now look at me. What is your fear? What is your deepest fear? Is it dark nights? A hundred feet height…A hairy spider…Or is it failure, humiliation…truth! Or is it…waking up one day and you would realize you stop dreaming. YOU STOP DREAMING.

Oneirophobia, the fear of dreaming. Who hates dreams, right? Everybody wants some sleep. Forget about the busy lights…the noisy cars…Whatever our fears are, I guess it’s about time for us to befriend such fear. But how? That is the question.

I say, dream big. Start with your dreams at night. Make your dreams bigger than your fears. Set your goals in life. Crave yourself with success and betterment. Indulge yourself with a dream, that one day, you’ll find an undying love and happiness. That one day your dreams will knock on your door saying, “You made it. You made it man!”

When those dreams are big enough…bigger than your fears, you are now ready to face them…to beat them. So every time you see fear, you will remember this very day, and that wrinkled face—-and you’re gonna tell her and let her see…

You say, “My dreams are bigger than you. You can’t stop me.” No one can stop you.

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight, we’re gonna chase for our dreams and make it happen. Make it happen. (Closing remarks : Once again, good afternoon and thank you for listening)

Eto yung naging piece ko para sa finals ng Speech class. My idea was influenced by the film: Coach Carter. It’s one of the best movies I’ve watched. Luma na, pero nakatatak pa din sakin ang kwento. At isa yan sa mga binabalikan kong inspirasyon para matupad ang pangarap ko.

Pangarap. Ano nga bang pangarap ng isang tulad ko.. tulad kong parang walang direksyon. Tulad kong walang ibang ginagawa sa mga oras na’to kundi magtype sa keyboard ng mga bagay na kunwari may kahulugan o katuturan. Kung meron man, very good Ge. Accomplishment.

Noon, sabi ko, gusto ko ang bahay ko parang yung sa kantang bahay-kubo. Maraming tanim na gulay, prutas at kailangan hindi mawala ang sibuyas. Kung anong dahilan hindi ko din maisalin sa salita. Basta ang dapat mangyari, may sibuyas ang bakuran ko.

Pero habang lumalaki na ako, unti unti ko nang nakalimutan ang pangarap kong yun. Napalitan na ng gusto ko maging nurse. Hanggang sa mahumaling ako sa panunood ng mga series na related sa Anatomy class. Royal Pain, Grey’s Anatomy, House (pero hindi masyado to, wala pa nun time) At ang sumunod ay ang walang kamatayang CSI, Bones, at The Mentalist.

Weird diba? From bahay kubo napunta ang hilig ko sa pagwakwak ng bituka. Isang taon ko din sinimulan ang medical course ko. But things got shattered and I found myself in nowhere.

Sa ngayon, sinisikap kong tapusin ang Accounting course ko. Walang bakas ng pangarap na minsan kong binuo sa isipan.


Wala lang

Wala lang. May maipost lang. I’m tired. Kung meron man pong makakapagpasaya sa akin ngayon, yan po ay ang tulog. Tama po. Pangarap kong matulog. Pero dahil kailangan kong piliting magbasa, wala po kong karapatang magpahinga. Kung hawak ko lang ang pagkakataon, I’m gonna stop this shit. Right now.

Nakakapagod ipilit yung salungat sa gusto mo, tangna. Iniisip ko nalang yung good side of the story. Sapat pero masaklap. Tangina brad, matapos ko lang talaga to.. Matutulog ako!!! At walang makakapigil sa gusto ko. Ang humarang, paslang. I mean not dead, just dead. Whatever. Haha baliw. -_-