The Ink

|Because not everyone will read what’s at the bottom.|


|I am not 26. I am 10 with 16 extraordinary years.|

|I read. I write.|

|I speak.|Not that much.|

|I listen.|Too much sometimes.|

|I think.|If needed.|

|I walk.|If I’m sad.|

|I break.|When I’m hurt.|

|I fall.|When I’m comfortable.|

|I’m weird.|Because I want to.|

|I learn.|I discover.|I observe.|

|I love.|White and Black.|

|They’re shades.|

|But it doesn’t mean I hate colors.|

|I love and chase rainbows.|

|And most of all |I love food.|




|I am The Ink.|

|Who loves.|






|I collect.|letters.|soda pop tabs|dried flowers|and memories.|

|I.still.believe.|In.justice.peace.and love.|




|And these are my papers.|

|I write anything under the sun.|





|Thank you for reading.|

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