“Friend is someone to share the last cookie with.”



“thank you universe for sending a rainbow in my cloud”

Sometimes you will find a friend in the middle of nowhere. Most of the times, it happens at the very least moment of your life.

Maybe because it helps you to realize that friendship doesn’t work with big things. Big gifts. Big shits. Big lies.

But just a simple and ample connection. Just that.

It doesn’t speak time. Space. Age. Place. Nor race.

I have a few. Not that much I guess.

I’m a lil’ bit obsessed of being alone.

Introvert problems.

Naahh. haha

But my crazy friends are enough to make my life so loud.

Few. But loud.

Hey, thank you din. 🙂 ❤


And if I told you…



“It wasn’t enough. Because if it did? Then maybe there are no if’s at all.”

Do you remember this song? Having such melodramatic line…

I can’t even remember the title of it that I had to use Google. I was in high school when I saw it in YouTube with a storyline made out of no-face cartoon. It was a heart breaking flow of story. Anyways, cookies. Haha

I see the line now in its very absurd side.

Why if’s? Of course it wasn’t enough. ‘Cause if it did? Then maybe there are no if’s at all.