When it feels blue..



|Legeng of the blue sea|

|Ngayong ko pa lang sisimulang panoorin|

|Okay lang? Late na ba?|

|Masama bang hindi sumabay sa simoy ng iba?|

|O sya, magpaka-Asul tayo!!!|


Do you believe in fate?

Do you believe in fate, Neo?


Why not?

“Because I don’t like the idea that I’m not in control of my life.”

(The Matrix)

It was brought up by one of our mentors. I guess it was an appetizer to our main course. He had to discuss the went-well and even-better stuff of our whole shift. And I would say, the idea caught my attention there. Hihi 🙂 (Okay, tama na Ge.) and yeah, do you believe in fate?




Three words that popped out in my head when early morning struck the clock. Tug-of-war telling you, there are no such things. But how about the stranger who offered a seat in a bus, in the middle of a traffic jam.. the train you’ve missed and because of that misfortune, you discovered a new route.. Or the family dinner you missed out? Because you had a date that night.. Or what about the song that kept on whispering your ear got dull while lying on bed because your mind wandered off to dream about the most beautiful mess in life..

Yeah. We make our decisions. We make our choices. That’s why we somehow create the path we want to have ahead of us. But what’s beyond that path?

Fate? Naah. We always try to follow that. Destiny? We always try to find it. But serendipity?

I’d say, it reminds us that life is more than what choices we make .. more than the shooting stars we wish for..

It’s like taking a guess, when the only answer is yes.

-Good day! Sleepy and tired :-/ 😐