A man without dreams

A man without dreams doesn’t dream at all. He just sleeps, faces the dawn, soils his body and when sunset comes, he closes his eyes again.

A man without dreams doesn’t think. Because if he does, there will be a chain of consequences, results, hardships and most of all changes. A man without dreams doesn’t change. And he doesn’t think. Where the fuck are your brain cells?

A man without dreams hurt people. Why? Because he’s selfish. He doesn’t allow people to have chances. To grow. To love. To think. To change. To dream. He doesn’t even know how to give himself a chance to do all things. He just lives.

A man without dreams lives alone. He’s a lonely man.

A man without dreams is a chaos. Because he spreads nothing.

But how does a man without dreams, dream nothing?

Maybe because he doesn’t want to dream at all? Nor he wants to chase any opportunity. Nor he lives with idealism. He just lives. And when fate comes, he simply goes back to dust. And the wind blows him away.

And I hope nobody inhales him.

Or maybe, he doesn’t dream at all because his dreams failed him. And it took his time away.

So maybe he’s not a man without dreams.

He is a man who lost his dreams.

-a very sad thought.


Tokwa’t baboy, sisig at isang cold beer plus pizza, chicken, at chocolate cake, tapos isang malamig na Chuckie lang ang katapat nyan!! 🙂

tapos.. Okay na ulit ako. 😀

-kelan magiging malaya ang Kalayaan Avenue sa traffic jam? tss

Do you believe in fate?

Do you believe in fate, Neo?


Why not?

“Because I don’t like the idea that I’m not in control of my life.”

(The Matrix)

It was brought up by one of our mentors. I guess it was an appetizer to our main course. He had to discuss the went-well and even-better stuff of our whole shift. And I would say, the idea caught my attention there. Hihi 🙂 (Okay, tama na Ge.) and yeah, do you believe in fate?




Three words that popped out in my head when early morning struck the clock. Tug-of-war telling you, there are no such things. But how about the stranger who offered a seat in a bus, in the middle of a traffic jam.. the train you’ve missed and because of that misfortune, you discovered a new route.. Or the family dinner you missed out? Because you had a date that night.. Or what about the song that kept on whispering your ear got dull while lying on bed because your mind wandered off to dream about the most beautiful mess in life..

Yeah. We make our decisions. We make our choices. That’s why we somehow create the path we want to have ahead of us. But what’s beyond that path?

Fate? Naah. We always try to follow that. Destiny? We always try to find it. But serendipity?

I’d say, it reminds us that life is more than what choices we make .. more than the shooting stars we wish for..

It’s like taking a guess, when the only answer is yes.

-Good day! Sleepy and tired :-/ 😐

Kwentong Panggabi: #SingleProblems

Sabi ko, “Lord bigyan Niyo po ‘ko ng social life.”

At dumagdag ang friends ko sa Facebook.

Tapos, “Lord, bigyan Niyo po ‘ko ng night life.”

Literal. Night life. (At habang tinatype ko ‘to, bumabyahe na ‘ko sa jeep.)

February na so, “Lord, bigyan Niyo po ‘ko ng love life.”


“Hello po?”



” . . . ”

” ”

Hahaha 🙂 #singleproblems #happyandgay #roadtrip #morework #moremoney

And if I told you…



“It wasn’t enough. Because if it did? Then maybe there are no if’s at all.”

Do you remember this song? Having such melodramatic line…

I can’t even remember the title of it that I had to use Google. I was in high school when I saw it in YouTube with a storyline made out of no-face cartoon. It was a heart breaking flow of story. Anyways, cookies. Haha

I see the line now in its very absurd side.

Why if’s? Of course it wasn’t enough. ‘Cause if it did? Then maybe there are no if’s at all.