The truth is…

Funny isn’t it? That life has a very common pattern of happiness-sadness routine. How long does it take to lose pleasure or bliss? It takes just a second my dear.  At one snap, every single reason you have to be in full joy could vanish right away. For what reason? Just that. And like that. Ironically you can’t do something. You’re out of control. It just happens.

But why do good things leave us the way nobody would want to be left alone in nowhere? Or why would people we love and care about would even try to leave us behind? At my work, it’s a protocol to ask: What’s holding you back? But in real life, we can’t ask the same question. Because doing so is comprehending us making another mistake from throwing out that one. We feel so naïve on that part where we believed on what our hearts desire for. It’s just too painful… No, it isn’t painful at all. It’s more likely and better to be called raw feelings I guess?

(The truth is, I feel hurt. Because you asked me to stay, and I said yes, I will. But you’ve made me feel I stayed for no one.)

*hands up*