Part II: Epilogue



|I have lived my life fulfilling checklists|

|It was like|people telling me|

|Live your life|but you’ll never enjoy it|

|And it took me a decade to finally choose|what I want|

|How I want to run my life|

|How I want my life to be|

|I know my limitations|I can’t run|

|I can’t jump|I can’t be exhausted|

|The I cannot’s|


|But let’s talk about|NOW|

|Because NOW is what matters|people say|

|I finished studies|still wanting to learn more|

|I chased for my dreams|but shits happen|

|I met people|A lot of them|

|In school|events|work|

|I worked|still working|

|And I also want to thank Ms Trisha|who grabbed my hand and asked me to visit that 5th floor|

|And I am still enjoying the red building|

|I have loved|fell out|

|I was broken|fixed it up|

|I was hurt|but still I coped up|

|I discovered a lot|about myself|

|You can read|The Ink|

|But one thing that keeps on glaring in my mind|

|That life is beautiful|No matter what|

|It is difficult|Yes it is|

|I always tend to think about the worst|Maybe I am a liitle pessimistic here|

|But for years|I realized that in this world we have the choice to create our own|

|That there would be times that we need to be so realistic|

|Not because you’re tired of the drama|You just know that it’s how the cruel world works|

|But I also realized that we should be able to find the inner peace|In our hearts|

|Forget about the real world|And embrace the fact that|we’re just human|

|Vulnerable|And needs to be understood and to be loved|

|Even though we’re too busy to manage our earthly time|

|We shouldn’t forget to give ourselves a break|

|A time to ponder about little things|

|Little things that matter to our hearts|

|And WordPress|gives me that|

|I consider my blog as a virtual vacation from a chaotic world I revolve in|

|And I want to thank my professor|Professor Andal|

|Because of him|I discovered a virtual paradise|

|Where I can express my thoughts into words|poetry|and art|


|Ang drama pa din|Revised na nga eh|

|Seryoso kasi akong tao|Pero marunong din akong mapagod|

|At hinahanap ko din ang katahimikan mula sa magulong mundo|

|Kaya gusto ko rin kunin ang pagkakataong ito para magpasalamat sa lahat ng nagbibigay ng oras|

|Para dalawin ang blog ko|

|Last Monday, 11, 000 hits na!|

|Akalain mo yun|lol|

|Salamat 🙂 |

|Always remember|

|La vita e bella|My favourite movie|

|Life is beautiful|


Endure. Live. And you will survive.