The verge of being a Wanderlust in 13 to 50 different ways.

“As you wander and you are lost, you can’t help but to see a stranger in 13 to 50 different ways.”

It became a crucial thought to me about being lost as I travelled to my aunt’s house yesterday. (I arrived safe, if that’s your question.)

I realized a lot of things more than how I have been thinking about time.

First, as you wander and you are lost, you can’t help but to see a stranger in 13 to 50 different ways. You have to learn how to see through them. Learn how to trust even if you’re at the verge of nowhere.

Second, time never gets old. People do. So if you want to wander, it’s now or never.

This is a hard punch on my face. I have lived a life full of grid. And I’ve always thought it was okay. I suffered hesitations for 15 years. I realized maybe it’s about time to put a hedgehog on top of my head and dance like a baboon.

Third, I learned deeper than mantle of the earth, that family and friends are the best creations you could have. Savor it. Live with it. Laugh with it. Love it.

I have fought Aneurysm for a decade and a half now. It’s never been easy since I gained it young, I had to force myself to think like an adult. To know this and that. And if I tell you right now everything I have realized yesterday, you could tell how crazy my brain cells work. Because it’s just crazy.

But one thing I would like to have now for sure, I don’t give a damn how long I could conquer the challenge of Vascular Aneurysm. But I would like to pray deeply, that He would give me enough time to say thank you to every single person who prolonged my existence. To people who always give me reasons to go on. To people who don’t just make me feel gay, but define what really happiness is. To people whom I could trust when right paths are nowhere to be found. To people who love me in 13 to 50 different ways. ❤ ❤ ❤

Thank you! 🙂


Sometimes people chose not to stay and not to be together, maybe because they also chose not to hurt anyone. But they know they have this mutual subconciousness that becomes more parallel when their eyes meet, when their hearts beat, when their souls breathe.

-I have swollen lymph nodes. 😦 Ayokong magkasakit. </3 Tama na yung sakit na nararamdaman ko… Haha #HUGOT

Kwentong Icecream: Thank you!


“Sometimes all we need is someone who would listen. Then understanding follows.”

People converse in a million way. They said inviduals have pat terns, unique forms. The way you say a word, the way you construct a sentence, even the way you say it.. It defines you as a unique creature. Then it just came to me now, how do people understand each other.. Is this the reason why sometimes people don’t comprehend and ralate? Or is this the cause of madness, and pain and misery.

Just because people don’t understand what others say, what others do or whatever. But the fact that sound waves enter our ears first before it’s brought into our brain, shall I say.. Have we ever care to listen to anyone?

I believe it’s not that we don’t understand.

Sometimes we forget to listen.

(Maa’m! Salamat sa Ice Cream! ❤ At sa pakikinig. Thank you na malaki. )

Don’t even go there


Maybe. Maybe you were right.

But I could honestly say I do not and I will not change what I have thought of what I had felt. It felt the same way how I perceived it. And nobody can change it. Even you.

Maybe that wasn’t exactly what you have felt. Maybe that was the problem. It was a feeling I believed it’s mutual but it over weighed the other. However, I’m not seeing it in a very unfair manner. Because I know, I have drawn a certain space. A very certain space. It was so certain that it had left marks for years.

And I won’t regret chosing to get those again.

Why am I even posting this? Because..Maybe because I have just realized that not chosing you was the best choice I’ve ever made. And this time, I’m fucking sure about it. 🙂