Sometimes people chose not to stay and not to be together, maybe because they also chose not to hurt anyone. But they know they have this mutual subconciousness that becomes more parallel when their eyes meet, when their hearts beat, when their souls breathe.

-I have swollen lymph nodes. 😦 Ayokong magkasakit. </3 Tama na yung sakit na nararamdaman ko… Haha #HUGOT

A Simple Truth About Happiness: When everything feels right

Before I take my deprived rights on sleeping, I would like to kiss my tears away by spending some minutes on my page while I’m trying to convince you (whoever’s reading) that my post has something to do with your life.. and your feelings.. And your thoughts. Haha nyanya

I am pondering about how people find happiness in different ways. Some find it in shoes stored in cabinets with skeletons. Some find it in food like “Arrghh food is forever and I want to marry as many food as I want because I love to eat and it makes me fat”. Or people find it in books and coffee and cookies and music and beaches and cars and places..

Want some more?

Cosmetics and dogs and cats and alcohol and smoke and dresses and photographs and curtains and papers and stickers and spoons and movies..

Or maybe we could find happiness in family and friendship and work and love and tranquility and peace and time and trust and hope and faith..

And I could add some more and finish this post in year 3000 or even more.

Maybe because we always try to find happiness in everything.

But today somebody reminded me that happiness will never be a “find me” puzzle. Because happiness (I would say) happens not completely because it’s the right time nor person nor place nor situation.

But simply because IT FEELS RIGHT. And it takes tons of courage and guts to jump into that it-feels-right feeling.

(And when something goes wrong that’s the time we forget what happiness is.)

-TOO MUCH FOR TODAY. A very loooong start of the week. My happiness is sleep. 🙂 ❤

Tulang walang pamagat

Tulang walang pamagat
Na animo’y hilom sa malalim na sugat
Pusong nawawala sa parang
Sana’y liparin na ng hangin patungo sa pampang
Para doon ay lubusang makalimot
Sa kasalukuyang puno ng poot
Panaghoy ng pusong ligaw
Hangin, kailan matatanaw?
Ang paglubog at paghalik ng araw
Sa dagat na puno ng alon
Saan na nga ba paroroon
Ang tulang walang pamagat
Sana’y dalhin na ng hangin sa ulap
Ang pusong puno ng pighati at sugat
Upang tuluyan ng makalimot
Sa lumalamong malahalimaw na poot

Thoughts before I sleep

I overthink. A lot. And that’s one of the things I want to overcome.

The lack of sense in overthinking.

A close ally told me, “Why? Don’t complicate things. It is that simple.”

I heard it twice. Or more. I even heard it from the lips of my supervisor.

Make it simple.

But I can’t help it. I can’t help sorting things out and digging it out until I find what will satisfy my senses.

Is it because I’ve had questions that was never answered? Maybe.

Maybe not.

And why am I now overthinking of what I think about overthinking? Or do I just need some sleep? Maybe.

Maybe not.

-I’m thinking about you. And what you think about. Not out of curiousity but out of overthinking. Meh. Don’t be so Gesan, Gesan.. Imma sleep blah blah blah