It feels good to have someone who knows every inch of your thoughts.


It scares me a bit.

It makes me feel naked.

With all my flaws and temper.


But deep down..


My crazy neurons tell me not to be scared.


Telling me you’re my safe haven.

A sweet haven.



Nanayt Sleepyhead. 

9.8 m/s2|V




Helianthus: 9.81 m/s2

“You’re my answers to my shooting stars…”



|You’re my unknown across the dawn|

|And a lingering scent through the wind |

|Then you’ve become my everyday|

|Like a warm sunshine, who touches my face|

|Your voice is an Ivy that whispers|

|Such an undying song I would remember|

|Then you’ve become my fortress and my Luna at night|

|Such a scribbled thought I tried to define|

|You might have been my unknown from afar|

|But I’m sure you‘re the answers to my shooting stars|



|9.81 m/s2|V|