A lot of people say I have a heart of stone. (Okay, you win.) I guess you’re right. And I hope my heart could literally turn into a rock. As hard as it could be.. until I learn not to feel even the slightest emotion.

So every time people leave, I could just look at their footsteps and be fine.

I’m glad that it would make things easier for you. God bless your family. But I don’t want to ignore the sadness it’s causing me. And I know that all I could do is to miss your presence, your laugh, your endless stories..

I will miss you Ma’am! 🙂 haha daldal mo eh, at ang sinigang mo. Kapag kinalimutan mo ko, ah hindi. Hindi mo ko makakalimutan, kasi wala ka ng kasing baliw pang kaibigan. Ako lang! Hahaha See you when I see you! :*


2 thoughts on “

  1. iloveyou so much gesan ❤… hinding hindi tlga kita makakalimutan.haha.. tama k.. ur my one and only crazy friend!..😅 I’m blessed to have a friend like you. this is not the end of our friendship.. will surely miss u too. thank you for everything 😘😘😘

    • Thank you Carren. 😊 🌈☕ Sa susunod na magkita tayo nangyari na curse ko. 😂 Mamimiss kits Ma’am!!! Haha nabasa ko na reply mo. At kung mababasa mo ulit ‘to: Stay healthy. And pretty. With a good heart. 👰 💜

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