To my Girlfriend

To my Girlfriend

And before your thoughts intertwined because of the “girlfriend”. It’s not what you think. The last time I checked.. I loved Superman. *haha*

She’s one of those girlfriends you would call if you failed in Algebra or Chemistry class, someone you would eat cookies and chocolates with.

It’s been years since we had this little chitchat over fries and soda and patties and stuff. She changed a lot. But one thing I would like to share about this gal, although she changed a lot? She has never forgotten to be a friend. She would always allot a piece of her time whenever she got the chance. Minsan napapaisip ako, buti naisisiksik niya pa ko sa oras niya. Knowing how difficult it is to finish degree. Like, maybe I did something good to this person. Maybe I am a good friend. Salamat.

Thank you for the 9 years (and still counting) of craziness and love.  â¤

Til then Girlfriend. 🙂 


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