A little dream

I once dreamed of having a simple abode like a bahay kubo with all the veggies and fruits listed in a native song.. Weird enough to think that I’ve never set (back then) my mind having a family of my own.. until someone scratched that off and acted like, “Hey, your dream should be like this. It should be like this because I’m part of it..”


But too sweet that it turned out sour. Anyways, back to bahay kubo haha

I have been going through a lot of things (and I mean A LOTTTTT) for the past years.. And if I’m going to configure such chaos, it feels like I’m going to die with endless pain. But you know what? Even if I die in pain, I’m gonna be gone with a smile on my face. Why?

Simply because I am blessed with people who love me and who care. Well, dreams? I see it now that it’s going to be a long road for me. But as I take this long road, I encounter a lot of people, and circumstances, and opportunities, and chances, and there’s always a room for what we call adventure.

Long road. I really don’t know what’s wrong with my fate, ’cause hey, it’s like a mountain range with a lot of ups and downs, and a bit of a roller coaster ride. But something is telling me that something is really out there at the end of this chaotic ride.

And every day, even if I get crazy and down, and subtle or whatever.. every day, I won’t get tired saying, I feel blessed that I am meeting a lot of lovely souls. THANK YOU! ❤

-Brad, alam kong kahit walang blog dyan sa Bahay mo sa Itaas. Pero sana makarating ang pasasalamat ko Sayo. Express! Laban Japan! 🙂


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