I forget things

That’s right. I usually forget things. Maybe, it was my medication that made me remember things this way. But I wonder why my memory becomes so sharp at times. Like every time I hear “What’s up?” and those enchanted dancing spirits flashes, or the day I crossed Colgante bridge and the fog was there and all I had was my bestfriend who was there beside me, or the day I broke my ankle because I was playing “in-on-under-water-outside”, or the day my mom left me in Bichara where there was a large room of playground, and I can play almost every toy, or the day my teacher in preparatory school scold me because I cut my class. Haha My classmates and I were so happy playing around that we forgot to go back. Anyways. What a life I had back in days.

Why all of these things?

Maybe it is because these taught me how to ask, “Hey, are you okay?”, or it taught me that friendship is more than friendship, that it should be a tie of sisterhood or a brotherhood. Or to get up when we stumble, learn how to heal when we are broken, or to learn how to run myself alone, to soar and to explore.. Or to simply learn from our mistakes.

However, I forget things most of the time. I forget the words I just said, the thoughts I’m about to say, the things I’m about to do, or the things I’ve done yesterday..

And I’m wondering why..

Then one day I realized, my memory has a strong memory. I forget things not because I am ill. But there are things that are not worth remembering. As simple as that. 🙂


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