A letter to Corazon

Dear Corazon,

(To whoever who’s reading this, she’s my aunt: a friend of mom)

I am situated in a jeepney, sitting and waiting for this four-wheel vehicle to arrive at my destination. While I was trying to send a message and to send a reply from yours, my tears just can’t help it but to burst. And all your hardships, efforts, care, love and support were like freaking thunders that kept on flashing my head. You’ve fulfilled and still fulfilling my dreams and plans.. Biologically speaking, you don’t even have a single strand of my complicated DNA. But there you are, you’re another mom who loves me like your own. If only I could look back and make a list of all the things I could say thank you for? I would. It’s just that my blog isn’t enough to have that list. And I need a lifetime to write it down. But I’ll take this very moment, to say thank you simply because you love me that much. And we both know why words are not enough to express what I meant when I said that. Just because. 🙂

Thank you for giving me a life. I love you. :*

Your daughter,

Apple ❤


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