CMOR: Pabanat muna bago magsleep

CMOR you look at me,
CMOR you roam my mind
CMOR you treat me right,
CMOR I think you’re mine
But dropped off, like a feather
Just come and go, whenever
Like an ocean wave on the shore,
There’s nothing else to CMOR

-that strong feeling when CMOR crashes!!! 🙂 sana naman umabot ako ng 3 days bago ko materminate.. 😀 Lord..patience please. Kahit hindi na po para sakin, para sa mentor ko nalang. haha magbebehave po ako. 🙂 madami akong kwento kaso yung mata ko nasa pisngi ko na naman..

MISS.. SLEEPYHEAD. 😦 nanayt for now.. baboosh! Ü


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