5 Things to squeeze up boredom

Do you ever wonder how you overcome a specific time in your life? You come to a point that you want M&M’s and Reese’s to just fall from the sky because you can’t think of anything that could hammer your living hours? And right now, that’s what I feel so I decided to share how I squeeze up boredom.

  • Try to disturb people. Not in a sarcastic way. You just have to be that little mushroom, and pop yourself in and rock them up. Wow, mushroom rocks, thanks. -_- For example, asking your loved ones in some place: “What are you doing, honey?” And the tone should be convincing as if you really know what they’re doing. To the extent that they would think you’re just nearby.
  • Watch a movie. Old or new, have watched or not yet, it doesn’t matter because you are bored. But the fun part would be…….translate the words coming out of the idiot box into your own dialect or language. For example: “I love you…” into “Mahal kita.” I got this cool idea from my Aunt J.
  • Bite your little niece. If she’s not around just like little Tatam who happens to be in the province with my mom, and of course I’m alone, try to bite her gummy bears. Just the same feeling. They’re adorable.
  • Delete files. Yes, delete it. You don’t have time to browse unnecessary things when you are at the top of the world. So now that you are just as flat as a paper, slowly dying because of boredom, you must at least delete trash out of your memory. Please do it.
  • Read a text book. This may sound absurd but the gist is…you’re not going to translate anything. All you have to do is to make sense out of it. For example, making a sweet quote…

From this robotic statement:

“A bond is a formal unconditional promise, made under seal, to pay a specified sum of money at a determinable future date, and to make periodic interest payments at a stated rate until the principal sum is paid.”

You turn it into this:

“Can we have a bond? A formal unconditional promise made under seal, to pay me a special consideration until undetermined future date, and to make periodic interest in me ‘til I have enough principal sum of affection for you.”


ang korni ko hahaha kairita

-Summer, anong ginagawa mo? Batong bato na ‘ko. Til next week pa ‘to. Huhu 😦


22 thoughts on “5 Things to squeeze up boredom

  1. the second item is really very dangerous. Whenever I watch a movie to ‘squeeze up boredom’, I end up having a movie marathon, thus eating up all my time. Anyway, I am not sure about the lip sync, hahaha, Aunt J must be pretty bored to do that XD

  2. honor ha? kaapag ako napahamak dito. ahahaha. biro lang. 🙂

    Marami akong type na movies e: among my favorites are Les Miserables, Interstellar, Slumdog Miliionaire, Perks of Being a WF, Gone Girl, Her – iba iba e. ahahah.

  3. No, it’s okay. Haha pwede ka magreact. 😀

    at..oo nga. Contradicting yung blog ko. Haha long story. Yung isang prof ko, France ng France until I read a poem telling her I prefer not to be called like that, and she just smiled. The next day, she’s calling me with my second name. Mas naging easy yung class ko dun. 🙂

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