Not sorry, it’s Sorry

“Ako na nasaktan, ako pa nag sorry”

My seatmate made the throw, and I commented: Hugot?! Funny, it was. The three of us had the laugh.

Hugot. Then there were thoughts. Deep thoughts.

Sorry. A four letter word with different ways to express.


How often do you say sorry?

I won’t be hypocrite and tell you it’s too easy to say sorry or that I generously say it . Pride, it is. As long as I don’t understand why I should be sorry, please….go to hell. You’re not gonna get even letter S of the word.


If someone would ask to have a word with me, sorry isn’t necessary. Truth in the eyes is enough. Warmth of the heart is enough. Sincerity of the soul is enough.


Use “sorry” not so often. It gets weary and worn out.

But then a simple “sorry” could change someone’s  heart. Believe me. It’s one of the most powerful words on earth. So don’t waste it over trash. And I mean “trash”.


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