Hello, My Sunshine!

Hello my Sunshine! Where have you been?
I’ve lost you in the dusk, from then on
Nowhere I was—-walking in a ring

My Sunshine,
Will you kiss me in the morning?
A kiss only thine
Would make me beam
Wipe away my sorrow
Caress my feeble cheek

Did my words echo?
It did not
It never did

I’ve looked for you ’til dawn, Sunshine
I found you—-a dispelled soul, a broken core
I wanna reach for your hand, and look for the other
Nothing there, grasped by another

A certain tear—-so obscure
Funny it seems, it is despair

Even so, my Sunshine
I’ll be right there, ’til you mend
I might lose you again on a Stygian night
But I’ll be reaching for you
’til you heal yourself again
And then again..’til the end

-i’m getting “drugged” again..I have to say, i’m liking it..yet it breeds unanswered questions. Would you want to answer such puzzles for me? I guess not. Or maybe yes. I don’t know, you tell me.

HAHAHA kaya let us all SAY NO TO BAD DRUGS =) Breathe clean. Live well.


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