A Crimson Morning



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5 Reasons Why We Are Sad


  • We think that we are.

-We think that we are sad even if we are not really into the extreme side. We just cuddle  our sadness until it breaks us into pieces.


  • We are never contented.

-We always endeavor for the better and for the next level in our lives. It is good to aim higher but we sometimes forget the beauty of satisfaction while we are too busy working on improvements.


  • We expect way too much.

-Often, our expectations exceed our boundaries. We forget how imperfect we could be, or how things cannot avoid flaws.


  • We cannot find a way to forgive ourselves.

-It is never simple to let off things just like this and that. But it is harder to let go and forgive ourselves because we procrastinate to move on.


  • We forget to love and appreciate ourselves.

-Greater than anyone else, we should find time to appreciate our whole being.


***These 5 reasons are easy to tell. But groundlessly efficient. Happiness is somewhat like (from the book I’ve read) is a state of our mind. We don’t need any formula to be blissful or to be in high spirit. All we need is to fully embrace ourselves as an imperfect being who is ready to accept a perfect enlightenment to complement that emptiness in our hearts. Difficult but things are meant to be that way. 

***Great day. 🙂


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