Why name white White, and not Red?


(c) themastergardendecorations


                I love weird questions.. I sometimes ask random and stupid questions like, what’s this and what’s that. One, I want to learn new things. (I don’t know everything and my understanding is never enough.) I like to explore new things and wonder how it happened, and why it did. Two, I am weird. *laughs* Three, I throw questions to say something or to address something. I often use unsensitive words, yes. Unsympathetic.. Either way it could mean I really want to hurt you so bad or I want to emphasize something. Something that you and I should learn. ‘Cause maybe you were wrong, or maybe I was. And if you realize what I meant? Then I had the right words at the right time. If not, then maybe it was not worth saying. (at all..) Weird, right?


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