Four Types of People


(c) Karen Mangulabnan

Four Types of People

There are four types of people…

1.) “Mine is mine, thine is thine.”
2.) “Mine is thine, thine is thine.”
3.) “Mine is mine, thine is mine.”
4.) “Mine is thine, thine is mine.”

I’ve already met four of them, the first one is the do-yours-and-i’ll-do-mine. Most likely, he or she wants to be alone. The second one, it was stated in the book, it is the “saint”. I’ve met one or two..I guess it is the most difficult type to follow. Number three. *ohmygosh* if I’m gonna give it a name, I’ll pick the “GREEDY MAN”. I remember one part of a book I’ve read.. it says there.. (not exactly, but this is the thought) “…we encounter a lot of fees when we got a credit card: membership fee, foreign transaction fee, availment fee, maintenance fee, cancellation processing fee, overlimit fee, WE-ARE-GREEDY FEE!!!“*haha*

the fourth one? very idealistic. ❤

Sometimes I wonder if it is really possible to meet somebody who could actually do things for the others, before minding himself.. thinking of other people first, before he could think of himself. For now, it is zero. Ahh! No. I know one person who fits number FOUR. 🙂


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