5 Reasons Why We Fail


There are a lot of reasons, out of the blue, that we just find ourselves at one corner feeling like, we are the most “loser” in town, or we are the weakest, we are the ugliest, we are the most outcast-ed, or shall I say… We fail. You F.A.I.L.

..and I wonder and think of the possible reasons why I failed. And I come up with this LIST:


(this is a cliche, everybody use it and use it..almost a rubbish) But it never dies, does it? It’s always about your choice.

2. TIME 

It’s really not Time’s fault, but the way you spend and manage time. That’s it. Period.

3. Emotional Quotient

The way you manage your anger, your laughter, your astonishment, your excitement, your, nervousness, your happiness, your anxiety, your confusions, your fears, everything that you feel affects YOU. But if you can manage yourself, you’ll be able to manage the things or the work surrounding you.

4. Noise Pollution

For me this a big deal. Really BIG. I mean, who wants to work, to communicate, to think, to study, to write, to have, dinner, to ride, to sail, to walk, to —- with NOISE all around you. You see, noise? I don’t like it, do you?

5. Faith and Hope

Lemme be a lil’ bit spiritual here. First, I want to emphasize the two are different. faith is something that you believe in to, then hope is something that you hold on to. Second, life is just life until you put GOD in the center.

 (I hope it helped.)

I got these FIVE REASONS but I have this… ONE ULTIMATE REASON why I can’t fail now..


nux. chos. haha


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