The Amazing Lady.



She’s amazing. What can I say?

We were on the train (LRT) and we were sitting on one of the long-seats (of course). I was sleepy, really sleepy. Then I felt her movement and she suddenly stood up. I saw two nuns in front of us. I admit, okay. I tried to close my eyes, I was sleepy then.  But after a sec, I stood up too just like what she did in the first place. haha but you know what? I was amazed. uhm.. really AMAZED. She’s so quite and I never saw her like, you know, do extra stuff. but the fact that she stood up and let the Nuns sit. Only few human species would actually do that. I mean, come on. 🙂 That is too nice. I’m glad she’s my friend. I feel blessed to meet people like her. Just so amazing. 


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