I AM NOT 22 =)


“I am not 22.

I am 10 years old…

..with 12 extraordinary years of life adventure and existence.”

EveryONE, thank you for sparing  your TIME, sending a message or making a call just to say a happy birthday. It made my day extra special.

(Kahit wala pang nagbibigay sakin ng Chuckie..  haha actually, panawagan to. Tumatanggap pa po ako ng Chuckie hanggang 03 September 2014. 24/7 :D)

A bit of your TIME is enough. =) Because at the end of the day, you’ll realize that all you got on earth is nothing but TIME. Ironically, “it” is something that we cannot put in a bank and make an interest out of “it”. Don’t keep “it”. Spend “it”. Because the way you spend “it” today, will define your life tomorrow and…

It will imprint you on the hearts of people. People, at some point of their lives, have felt the touch of TIME. And it will make them realize the importance of their EXISTENCE and how they should take life as an ADVENTURE.

PS: May nagulo po ako na schedule. Pasensya na Ayet. Haha Birthday ko naman.  😀

“Coffee gets sweeter when we share moments  with people whom we cherish and love.”


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